Cool Soror with Rashan Ali

The Replayed Greatness of Exponential Living with Sheri Riley

May 29, 2017

There comes a time in a person’s life when things have to change. In 2008, the time had come for our host, Rashan Ali. But she could not do it alone. She needed Sheri Riley as a friend, confidante and conduit. Sheri Riley joins the show today on a very special day! Today is the day that she releases her book, Exponential Living worldwide!

This Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has written a fascinating book that will help you grow to greater heights in your professional and personal journeys. Exponential Living: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are (Penguin Random House) provides practical tools and is the guide to help busy individuals to integrate their personal desires into their life without detriment to their professional achievement. The nine Principles of Exponential Living® focuses on how personal development fuels professional growth and empowers us to live in our true power, which is peace. Peace is the New Success®

The path to this day has been a true walk of faith with a tremendous amount of sacrifice. As a top executive a LaFace Records helping to develop and market artists like Usher (who lends his hand to write the foreword for her book), Toni Braxton, Outkast and TLC, she walked away at the pinnacle of her career to start her own company, Glue Inc.

For over 17 years, Sheri served as Founder and Chief Partnership Strategist of GLUE® Inc which is a strategic consulting firm committed to “developing profitable partnerships for products and personalities”.

She knew God needed to use her in a greater space by helping other people tap into their true essence. She has done just that with not only her new book, but how she chooses to be obedient to the call. And that is the definition of Exponential Living. (Get your book today!)

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