Cool Soror with Rashan Ali

The Chick’s Guide To Beer with Jen Price

May 31, 2017

Jen Price is the very best friend of our host, Rashan Ali. A Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., this urban planner / project manager by day has discovered an entirely new world for herself in the form of yeast and hops. She created The Atlanta Beer Boutique, which is a soon-to-come bottle shop in metro Atlanta. For the past four years, ABB has put on amazingly fun beer events, beer fittings and beer menu pairings. Yes, Jen Price loves beer and she is on a mission to share that love with the masses, particularly women.

Jen got her passion for beer from her father who would allow her to taste “a little bit off the top.” She would lovingly have his beer ready when he got home from work everyday. As life would have it, she wanted to expand her palette and got her first taste of the craft beer scene on an internship in Colorado. She fell in the love with the rich taste. She made it her duty to grow the palettes of her friends and family.

This beer enthusiast can now add author to her title with the release of “The Chicks Guide To Beer.” The guide presents a broad view of beer into seven simple rules. Therein lies the information necessary for cracking the beer code! “Beer Chick Tips” are scattered throughout the guide to highlight key ideas and graphics help explain many of the concepts. The journal at the end of the guide provides users with a place to log the beers they try along their beer journey.

In a very fun and jovial conversation, Jen Price sheds light on happiness and hops! Her personality pours through the mircrophone like a milky stout paired with your favorite piece of chocolate. If you don’t get why that pairs together well, read the book and you’ll get it. Cheers!

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