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Constant Reminder with Ash Brown

December 13, 2016

Ash Brown joins the podcast today and in this emotional episode, this #coolsoror of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. takes us on a journey of finding out the enormity of her strength through much trial. 

This blogger, voice over talent, red carpet correspondent and event emcee became the total caregiver for her sister, grandfather and mother before she was even able to figure out her own “why” (7:30). 

Shortly after her grandfather transitioned, her sister lost mobility in both of her hips and her mother became even more ill (9:11).

This brought her to the point where she needed to find out who she was. 

She enlisted in the Army and dropped nearly 100 pounds (11:15).  At the time, she thought the move would give her a sense of self.  Leading up to her departure for basic training, her mother become gravely ill.  Even with her mother’s health declining, she decided to keep going. 

What would happen a day into her basic training would drastically change her life forever (12:33).

Ash goes in depth about her mother and how she fought so hard for her to be here (28:30).  She knows that life is a “Constant Reminder” of what God is capable of doing and that you have to keep going, no matter the circumstance.

As with anything, life continues even with extreme pain.

God gave her the platform, “Ash Said It” and she has been thriving ever since. This beautifully spirited woman, is not taking “no” for an answer any longer. 

Ash Brown is truly a gift to her family and the media industry. 

She embraces opportunities that many people would never dare to touch or attempt. 

Thankfully, she is doing it like only she can. She is continuing the plight of life with resilience and not only are we aying it, but “Ash Said It” and that’s all that really matters.

All Social Media: @1loveash

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