Amazed By His Grace With Nina Packer

April 12, 2017

Nina Packer, A Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. joins the show today! She is an adept and engaging facilitator, coach, and consultant. Her key areas of expertise are executive coaching, team coaching, strategic planning, program development, partnership facilitation, process improvement, and project management. While a great deal of Nina's work is focused on systems and functions of organizations, her success is largely due to her keen awareness of what she likes to call "the human factor".

A Miami, Florida native, she knew early on in her teens that her life would involve business. Landing an internship at in the field of international private banking gave her hands-on experience before even entering Florida A&M University as a business major. She later changed her major to business education because she has such a tremendous passion for children.

in 2003, Nina Packer & Associates was formed and Nina began facilitating partnerships between powerful corporate brands like CNN and General Mills, and their nonprofit partners. She earned her Master of Public Administration Degree with a Nonprofit Management Concentration from Georgia State University in 2006. From 2008 to 2014 Nina Packer & Associates, operating mostly from Miami, FL at the time, provided operations management services to one of the most paradigm shifting entertainment firms and program development services to an organization emerging from one of the most pivotal social issues of the last decade.

Because her passion for teaching students pivotal skills, she returned to the classroom. Nina is currently at the forefront of launching a production focused magnet school that will hopefully provide opportunities for students in the television, film and media industries.

Nina Packer’s life has been extremely blessed. From working with students, nonprofits, corporations to artists like Lil Wayne, all while raising two amazing daughters, she is forever, “Amazed By His Grace.”

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Bloom Where You’re Planted with Aeshia Devore Branch

April 10, 2017

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Alpha Kappa Alpha’s own Aeshia Devore Branch. A native of Queens, NY, she is the epitome of dream realization and unafraid to identify a problem and create a solution.

The social entrepreneur unites and empowers girls to be health leaders in their communities. The alarming childhood obesity epidemic along with the void of entertaining yet positive fitness content and fitness events for young women (ages 13-22) led to the conception and rapid growth of her passionate venture, Pretty Girls Sweat.

Aeshia leads business development, marketing, sales, and event execution and has been responsible for bringing on clients and partners including adidas women, Aquafina, Nike, YMCA, Essence, Samsung and Girl Scouts of the USA. Before creating Pretty Girls Sweat, Aeshia thrived in the TV industry for over 9 years-working her way up from an intern at ABC to a producer on Sundance Channel's celebrated, primetime series ICONOCLASTS.

The former high school athlete (track, volleyball, and basketball), a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University (Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications) was also a model for Wilhelmina in New York City.

This wife, mother and dreamer breathes life and that life is planted with seeds. Therein lies the reason that she believes you “bloom where you are planted.”

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For A Reason with Ryan Stewart

April 6, 2017

The Cool Soror Podcast is super excited to feature Ryan Stewart: a Cool Bruh of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Inc. This God-fearing, Jesus-loving native of Monck’s Corner, South Carolina has seen some extreme highs and deep lows along his journey of life but, has embraced each experience like only he can.

Wildly popular from his time on the 2 Live Stews - a sports radio talk show he co-hosted along with his brother Doug Stewart-allowed them both to have recurring roles on ESPN’s First Take along with other national television opportunities. They had an amazing run, until things started to change within the radio organization. The show dissolved after several years. As a former NFL Safety, Ryan had already dealt with so much in his professional athletic career, so leaving radio was something that he faced head on.

Never missing a day in his designated time with God has kept him grounded and continuously blessed. So much that he is yearning to go deeper in the word. He has even considered ministry. If that is his next step, we are beyond certain that it will be the one God ordained.

Every joy and sorrow for Ryan has happened “for a reason” and he seems to make his way on the other side, every single time.

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Instagram: @1livestew

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The Purpose Project with Jennifer Lester

April 4, 2017

Jennifer Lester is a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and joins the show today. This psychotherapist, child advocate, certified life coach, entrepreneur and author from Atlanta, Georgia is truly a heavy hitter!

For more than 15 years, she has been a leader in behavioral change working with federal programs and in private practice. She combines a Master's degree in Psychology from Georgia School of Professional Psychology with a Bachelor's in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University.

In 2008, Lester established the Purpose Project, LLC: a multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare practice that offers mental health services, life coaching, leadership training and nonprofit management. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she uses a Cognitive-Behavioral theoretical approach to insure clinically sound and culturally competent practices.

In March 2017, Lester released of her first book ‘14 Ways to Find Your Amazing: When Passion and Purpose Collide’. This transformative book shares 14 crucial steps to set you on your journey to find your amazing, the thing that truly makes you special and significant.

On top of that, Jennifer is the Executive Director of the Big Kidz Foundation founded by Big Boi of the legendary group, Outkast. Big Kidz Foundation is an arts-focused youth development organization. She has helped grow the organization to exponential heights for more than a decade.

Jennifer Lester does a lot for a lot of people, including her husband and daughter. She has learned to live her busy life in harmony - and that has all the purpose in the world.

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Amplified Good with Joey Womack

March 30, 2017

The Cool Bruh feature of the week is back with Alpha Man, Joey Womack! This creative innovator is behind two of the most genius organizations this country has seen.

Joey is at the helm of Goodie Nation and Amplify 4 Good. Goodie Nation is a social impact pre-accelerator that provides a role for all people to play in an innovative process solving some of the world’s toughest problems. The organization’s programming develops innovator through training and support as well as social enterprises via a 6-month process. Their goal is to become a world leader at empowering individuals to solve problems for their own communities.

Amplify 4 Good teaches talented and passionate people to think like tech startup entrepreneurs in order to solve problems. They believe their goal in making great organizations more productive and efficient is a faster way to create change than starting something new.

Joey Womack epitomizes a forward thinker and you will hear how his level of brilliance is helping individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations make unbelievable social impact. It goes without saying that Joey is a giver and a doer. His heart is in it for the betterment of people. This is why the “good” he does and the good he helps others do is always “amplified.”

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Struggle Is Your Strength with Melva Robertson

March 28, 2017

Melva Robertson graces the collective with her presence today. A Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, she is a publicist, author, speaker and entrepreneur. An Atlanta, Georgia native, she has extensive experience in mass communications, writing and leadership. By developing and implementing successful strategic media relations and public relations plans, her efforts have resulted in global media coverage for her clients.

Most recently, she authored, “Congratulations, It’s A Brand.” This step-by-step guide gives readers an actual plan and implementation of branding from conception to execution. She truly believes that God downloaded every single word in the book because it came to her so effortlessly.

Melva gained much of her wholistic approach to public relations from corporate healthcare at Grady Health Systems and Emory Hospital. It has truly helped her to separate herself from a very crowded publicity market, particularly in Atlanta. She is truly a step above.

Melva holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from Morris Brown College whose motto is, “Struggle Is Your Strength.” She epitomizes this truth by living it and walking in it. No matter the problem, Melva finds the solution.

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Twitter: @writemediapr
IG: @MelvaPR_pro
FB: The Write Media Group, LLC

Never Broke Nation with Jini Thornton

March 22, 2017

Jini Thornton, a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. joins the show today. The Founder & CEO of Envision Business Management and author of “99 Tips To Never Go Broke” is a financial guru. Landing an opportunity called “Money Talks” on HOT 97.5 (now HOT 107.9 in Atlanta) in 1996, Jini found her true calling.

At the time, she was working at one of the top accounting firms in the country as a CPA. She had a strong desire to create a life that would allow her to be available for her family. A popular radio personality told Jini that he was going to be a rapper. That popular radio personality was multi-talented artist Ludacris. Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges became her first client and Envision Business Management was born.

Jini gained her entrepreneurial spirit from her grandfather and other family members who had their own businesses. She goes in depth about a profound recollection that sparked her financial affinity. Since the age of 12, she had a passion for being in control of her financial freedom.

Jini’s passion for finance has afforded her the opportunity to be featured on The Willie Moore, Jr. Show which can be heard in 26 markets every week for “Money Monday.” In addition, she is able to educate people about finance through her new book, “99 Tips to Never Go Broke” and #neverbrokenation videos.

It is her mission to help as many people as she can to change their attitudes toward money. She is doing just that, one cent at a time.

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IG: @neverbrokenation @jinithornton

Twitter: @neverbrokenation @jinithornton

Surviving The Dip with Rashan Ali

March 20, 2017

Our host, Rashan Ali, a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, takes a moment to speak about her personal journey. As a freelance tv personality, she has had some amazing highs and equally daunting lows. During the lows, she has found herself focusing on the things she does not have instead of being grateful for the blessing of life.

In this episode, Rashan draws from her conversations with other guests who have been on the show to future guests. She also talks about being bold in our thoughts and actions, not only for ourselves but for herself in her own personal walk.

Rashan’s vulnerability offers the Cool Soror Collective glimpses of who she is and the struggles she faces in her day-to-day walk. She offers three steps to “Surviving The Dip.” The dip: the time when things are not aligned properly in our lives and we find ourselves without. These simple steps will help all of us come out on the other side and be able to laugh when we look at the low place we have come from.

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Not Carrie Bradshaw with Jessica Wilkins

March 15, 2017

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Jessica Wilkins to the show. A Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Jessica hit the ground running in Brooklyn, New York with $500 and an extreme desire to make it in the fashion industry. Now a writer and fashion blogger for her own very popular site,, she has found her voice.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Jessica used her Southwest Atlanta approach to life to continue to push through even when the odds were stacked against her. Being a Black woman in fashion, she learned early that not everyone is going to like you. An internship at Oscar De La Renta taught her that very quickly. She wanted to give up. A much needed push from her mother confirmed her belief that she needed to stay the course.

Jessica calls herself three things: Wordsmith, Fashion Storyteller and Social Enthusiast. Her posts on her website will make you laugh, cry and think about a myriad of topics. Her gift is truly in her ability to deliver witty and thought provoking pieces that give the reader a different approach to understanding. Jessica’s comedic timing is never late. She is truly joyous.

She is a woman who is continuing to discover new things about the life she is living, but more importantly she is discovering who she is supposed to be in it. One thing is for sure, she is “Not Carrie Bradshaw” because Jessica is more than enough.

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Unshakeable Belief with Shay Moore

March 14, 2017

Radio/TV personality, voice over talent and all around incredible woman, Shay Moore joins the Cool Soror Podcast today. Shay is a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and has one of the most inviting and warm voices we’ve ever heard. Overcoming a severe stuttering condition at a young age, she took what could have halted her dream and made it her platform.

Her 15 year radio career in major and medium markets has afforded her the opportunity work in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Buffalo and Charlotte. She is also a voice over actor and has been featured in three cartoons including the very popular adaptation of The Walking Dead. In addition to that, she has lent her talents for national commercials including Publix and Coca-Cola.

The road to her greatness has come with much heartache which allowed her to now truly bask in self-discovery. With that, Shay offers us five things she has done to stage a comeback after a setback. After hearing her story and knowing the reason why she is always able to stand in her truth is because of her “unshakeable belief.”

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