Position of Impact with Dr. Karmetria Burton

July 17, 2017

Dr. Karmetria Burton joins the Cool Soror podcast today! A Houston, Texas native and Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., she is the Director of strategic programs and supplier diversity for Delta Air Lines and the founder of “Paint Your Lips Red”. She attained her bachelor’s degree from Southern University and received her master’s degree from the University of Nebraska.

Learning how to be a business woman early in the game, she worked for her father, who is an entrepreneur, and was able to learn the ins and outs of running your own business. Thriving in her field for 15 years, she enjoys giving the blueprint to help those who are seeking to grow their business on the corporate level, while also impacting and influencing others.

A well-respected authority in supplier diversity, she is a contributing writer for MBE magazine that focuses on minority business development. In 2014, she was noted as a woman of Excellence by the Atlanta Daily World Magazine and in 2015, she was awarded the InfluenceHER award for her influence in the community and in minority business development. Her work and her passion have gained her notoriety in several publications.

Dr. Burton is the visionary and creator of the ‘Paint Your Lips Red’ campaign and has teamed up with NARS for a special event in Atlanta on July 30th. She believes that women should feel empowered and bold in their RED lip!

Karmetria Burton credits God for her success and her family for instilling the importance in her of family and service to others. She has made it a goal in life to remain in a ‘Position of Impact.’ Dr. Burton is certainly in position and she is definitely making an impact.

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Keep Praying, Praising & Pushing with Kenny “Sincere” Kelly

July 12, 2017

It’s always good to have a “Cool Bruh” on the podcast! We welcome Kenny “Sincere” Kelly, who is an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. on today’s show! Atlanta born and Decatur raised, Kelly graduated from Jacksonville State University where he was awarded a football scholarship while earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting.

He admittedly does “a lot!” A certified / personal trainer, project manager, poet / spoken word artist and levy officer, Kenny is most passionate about his role as a trainer. His goal is to help his clients achieve their best selves through intense workouts and a healthy diet that will ultimately turn into a lifestyle.

This Cool Bruh is also a poet! At a young age, Kelly has always had a niche for writing, but he never thought it was cool enough to express. With the encouragement of his friends, he moved into writing poetry and performing spoken word.

Even now as founder/owner/partner of What Say You Poetry, MBS Wellness & Fitness, LLC, and TPH Group, LLC, respectively he is still highly involved with many personal & professional businesses and projects throughout the city. Kenny continues to do great work because of prayer, praise and push. Keep pushing Kenny! We see you.

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Fearless Reloaded with Arian Simone

July 10, 2017

Arian Simone, a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. joins the show today and she is definitely the epitome of FEARLESS. The Detroit, Michigan native knows the essence of what hard work looks like. She epitomizes it.

A fun, fly, fabulous and fearless entrepreneur; Arian has been blessed throughout her career and continues to inspire others to live their dreams! Upon graduating college, she was laid off from her job and went from living in her apartment to out of her car; she was without a home of her own for almost a year until she was sought out to do Public Relations and Marketing independently in Los Angeles.

Building a successful PR & Marketing firm from ground up, she established great relationships in the entertainment industry. She is credited with doing publicity and promotions work on films such as Ride Along, Limitless, Act of Valor, Takers, Quantum of Solace, Hancock, This Christmas, Stomp The Yard, and many more.

In 2010, she launched FEARLESS Magazine with cover girls such as Khloe Kardashian, La La Anthony, Meagan Good and more, serving as a platform for others to share their fearless journey. Fearless Magazine later evolved into FEARLESS Discussions - transparent conversations about real topics affecting today’s society and pop culture. She is relaunching the brand in November 2017 with a conference in Atlanta.

Arian Simone knows the value of stepping out and doing everything it takes to be successful. She does it effortlessly and just when the road may be weary, she inputs another cartridge to make certain that her FEARLESSNESS IS RELOADED.

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“So Kanye with Rashan Ali”

July 3, 2017

We decided to reach into our archives to find one of Rashan's old interviews with Kanye West! This interview took place three years ago while she was still working in radio. In "So Kanye," Rashan gets him to open up about some of his most grandiose ideas in a way that only Mr. West could deliver.

Openly Smart Openly Cool with Dr. Myla Bennett

June 29, 2017

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Dr. Myla Bennett to the show. An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, owner of Ederra Bella and certified plastic surgeon hails from Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Myla Bennett is recognized as a top plastic surgeon in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Since opening her practice, she has created one of the most luxurious plastic surgery facilities in the Atlanta area.

She first attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where she earned her degree in biology. Dr. Myla continued to pursue her passion at the Ohio State University of Medicine. After receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree from Ohio State, she also completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as her general surgery residencies at the university. Through hard work, dedication, and impressive professional and educational experience, Dr. Myla was admitted into the fellowship program at Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.

In this episode, she talks about her humble beginnings and not taking NO for an answer. She has always been an extremely smart and driven woman who knew she wanted to practice medicine by the time she was in the 4th grade. She set out on that path and never looked back.

Never ashamed of her artistry and intellect she describes herself as “Openly Smart and Openly Cool.” It’s true and she owns that truth and nobody can tell her differently.

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Always Be Creating with LeKeith Taylor

June 26, 2017

It’s always a pleasure to have the “Cool Bruh” feature on the Cool Soror Podcast and LeKeith Taylor is definitely COOL. A Chicago, Illinois native and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., he is the Chief Marketing and Brand Officer at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta.

LeKeith is a multi-disciplinary brand executive who uses his swiss-army knife skills as a marketer, strategist and creative designer to develop ideas, create solutions, launch properties, and deliver the creative, cultural and business solutions to help brands build value. Having worked with brands such as Nike, Home Depot, Land Rover & American Express he knew his gifts would make more room for him when he started his own ideation and consulting firm, Taylored.

Known for his amazing creativity, LeKeith understands the value of exposure. Having grown up in a single family home, he credits his mother for pushing him to reach beyond his own surroundings, which could have ultimately consumed him. He did just that. Explored the world. Through his travels to 17 countries, he realized that he can do even more in this space.

He is currently working on starting a non-profit called Internationally Local in his hometown that would allow young men to travel abroad. While the program is still in its infancy, he is excited about how transformative this program will be in the lives of Chicago youth.

This father and husband is continuing to push the limits through unique platforms and is liable to come up with a multi-million dollar idea in minutes. It’s clear that LeKeith Taylor will “always be creating” because the world needs his vision: one concept at a time.

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Extra Layer of Toughness with Autumn Williams

June 21, 2017

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Autumn Williams - a Cool Soror of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. A Chicago, Illinois native, Autumn’s parents knew she was athletically gifted at an early age. Trying her hand in swimming, gymnastics and any sport her mother felt like she could thrive in, Autumn would gravitate toward tennis. Tennis would lead her to Kingsville, Texas - a town with a population of 25,000.

The sport of tennis became a rewarding outlet for Autumn at a young age, allowing her to mature into a sought after high school student-athlete. She knew she wanted to attend an HBCU, so she set out to make that happen. Atlanta came calling and so did Clark Atlanta University. Autumn says her experience as a student-athlete at CAU was one of the best of her life. Leading her team to an SIAC (Souther Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) Championship, Autumn was setting the standard for how she would lead the team years later as its head coach.

She took over the CAU Women’s Tennis program in 2010 and earned SIAC Coach of the Year twice during her tenure. She became the only coach in lady Panthers history to win the SIAC championship as a coach and a player. With all the success, Autumn took a leap of faith to join Texas A&M University Kingsville in the same capacity.

During her first year, the Javelina women’s tennis program completed a historic season by earning the most wins in program history. She also was named Coach of the Year.

Autumn has achieved a lot in sport and gained tremendous footing while at Clark Atlanta. She said the entire experience gave her an “extra layer of toughness.” It’s the type of toughness that makes she and everyone under her tutelage great.

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The Village with Dr. Lakeysha “Key” Hallmon

June 20, 2017

Dr. Lakeysha “KEY” Hallmon joins the Cool Soror Podcast today. A Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc., Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon is a small-town, Mississippi native, who is among the first on both sides of her family to attain a college degree. She is the CEO of the Village Market ATL, which is a community event created to support black entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses. She describes the gathering as a “big family reunion.” She is also the founder of the nonprofit, Young, Gifted, and Black. Both of these platforms allow her to serve, educate, and empower.

Serving as a social entrepreneur, curator, speaker and passionate educator, Dr. Hallmon
stands by the following:

“Each of us must dedicate ourselves to serving the good of our people. We are community. Our fate and futures are interconnected. If we act in oneness and in the spirit of togetherness not only can we survive, we can thrive.”

Throughout all of her work and accomplishments, Dr. Hallmon gives her mother the upmost praise for the reason why she is the woman who she is today. Her life is a reflection of her mother’s dream for her to see the world through different lenses. Those lenses are the eyes and ears of the community she serves: the village.

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Nigerian Mind - American Understanding with Lucy Edosomwan

June 14, 2017

Lucy Edosomwan joins the show today! This Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a creative, dynamic and multi-faceted artist. The Nigerian-American beauty was born in New York City. With a mission to change the world, the creative director tells stories through art: photography, film, dance, graphic design and fashion.

Stunningly beautiful inside and out, Lucy is on a mission to become Miss Nigeria USA by participating in this prestigious pageant in New York City this upcoming August. Raised by traditional Nigerian parents, she learned the value of education at a very early age.

Lucy passionately said, “Too often we hear of schools closing and the arts being stripped from the curriculum of education. No more shall we let this agenda endanger the potential of our future generations. Education is the only thing that cannot be taken from us. An educated people is an empowered people. We must become knowledgeable on our world’s problems and fast to fix it. We must arm our communities with the resources they need to flourish, for in this life one community’s progress, is the progress of humanity.”

She has been able to find an interesting middle ground to navigate in this undulated world we live in. Lucy has created the best of both worlds to see her way through. She has grasped and lived with a “Nigerian Mind with An American Understanding.” And she certainly has mastered it.

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IG: @soyoulovelucy FB: Lucy Edosomwan

Website: www.lucyedo.com

First Step. Forgiveness with Ericka McCracken

June 12, 2017

The Cool Soror podcast is happy to have Ericka McCracken join the show today. This Cool Soror of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., has a witty and beautifully funny personality that resonates with every person she meets.

A talented writer, Ericka has been putting pen to paper ever since she can remember. An English major at the University of Virginia, she never imagined that one day she would be completing her very own memoir. Her first book, ALTARcation is inspirational but challenges the reader to forgive those who have hurt you, including yourself.

Her story reads like an epic adventure filled with joy, sadness, challenges, courage and ultimately triumph. From her life’s experiences, life’s purpose was revealed in an unlikely way. Ericka truly realized the God-given resilience that she always had and knew that her journeys in life were meant to be shared. She realized that the joy is not only in overcoming life’s obstacles but teaching what you have learned. Ericka desires to share how truly powerful forgiveness is so others can either avoid or overcame the barriers that life sometimes presents.

A clever documentarian and producer Ericka is destined to tell stories that need to be told. She is certainly happy that she opened the Pandora’s Box in her own life with the first step: FORGIVENESS.

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IG: @LegacyOfEricka FB: @LegacyOfEricka Twitter: @LegacyOfEricka