April 16, 2018


Convos with Cole featuring Rashan Ali

April 11, 2018

Our host, Rashan Ali sits down with Wendell Cole for his podcast, "Convos With Cole." In a rare, introspective look into Rashan's life, she shares some of the hills and valleys that have helped her along the way. Please support his podcast as well at and on Itunes: "Convos With Cole"


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Build The Boutique with Jen Price

April 9, 2018

Jen Price joins The Cool Soror Podcast for the second time! A Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., this visionary is launching a KickStarter Campaign tonight to help her raise money to open The Atlanta Beer Boutique! Her goal is to raise $25k over the next 30 days. To donate to the campaign, log onto

I Bet On Myself with Mae C. Whiteside

April 4, 2018

We are happy to be joined by a Cool Soror of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Mae C. Whiteside is President/CEO of CKL Engineers, LLC. As President/CEO, Mae develops and maintains client relationships for the firm and directs all engineering and planning projects acquired by the organization. Mae is an alumna of Illinois Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering in 1999. She is a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of Illinois.

As a grade and high school student, Mae experienced chronic homelessness with her mother. At her mother’s passing, it left her homeless, as a college student. Because of these trying times, Mae gained independence and resilience.

After years of working at different corporations, she knew it was time for change. In 2010, with $10,000 in her pocket, she quit her $75,000 per year job and became a STEM entrepreneur. A risk taker and leader, Mae used this opportunity to position herself to make a major move.

Today, CKL Engineers, LLC is one of Chicago’s leading African American woman owned engineering and management firms. The firm is a winner of the 2018 Engineering Excellence Honor Award for its role in construction management for the overhaul of I-90 Jane Addams Memorial Tollway. Her company’s new role is Construction Manager for the upcoming Pullman Clock Tower and Administration Building Renovation Project, part of a national park by President Obama.

Mae has always been the type of person who believed in her astute intellect and always believed that she could do anything. For this reason, she can profoundly state: “I Bet On Myself.” And because of that, she will win every single time.

Social media:
Twitter: @cklengineersllc @maecheri
LinkedIn: Mae C. Whiteside

“Create Love” with Brandi Janai

April 2, 2018

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Brandi Janai to the show this week. She's a Cool Soror of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. who describes herself as a creator, author, designer and initiator. She graduated with an undergraduate degree from California State University in San Bernadino and also holds a master's degree from Clark Atlanta University. As a licensed social worker she aims to educate, advocate, and push for individuals to look within.

Out of her background in social work and her passion for writing came Felonopoly. Felonopoly, the screenplay, shares the struggle and hope of a married couple impacted by the criminal justice system. Felonopoly, as an organization, was created to end legal slavery under the 13th amendment.

Although she wrote her first short story in elementary school it took decades for Brandi Janai to take the writing craft seriously. “Growing up I didn’t believe I could make a living as a writer. I often think about what if. What if I had known more about the writing world?” As a charter member and secretary for the Women’s National Book Association – Atlanta Chapter she hopes to give others what she didn’t have – exposure to the book world.

Brandi Janai understands the benefits of writing, adding, “Writing has been a form of therapy for me and my medium to craft, expose and express all types of thought and story.” Brandi Janai is currently rewriting three novels: Hidden, I Am Sin, and Sometimes It’s Love and working on a new work titled, Jodeco Road. Tune in as we discover how Brandi uses writing to create love.

Love Lessons with Rashan Ali and Brian Smith

March 28, 2018

Our host, Rashan Ali shares lessons she and her husband have learned during their 15 years of marriage. This funny, intimate and witty conversation showcases the vulnerability of love.

Harlem’s Fashion Row with Brandice Daniel

March 26, 2018

We are happy to be joined by Brandice Daniel - A Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is the visionary behind Harlem’s Fashion Row. HFR is the most prestigious platform for multicultural fashion designers. HFR has become the epicenter of fashion for the multicultural audience. We are most recognized for our September Style Awards and Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week which has been covered by New York Times, NY Magazine, Elle, ESSENCE, and the Wall Street Journal.

Founded in 2007 by Brandice Daniel, a coach for multicultural fashion designers, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Harlem's Fashion Row began as a project of passion, aiming to fill the void for multicultural fashion designers and high profile professionals in the industry. HFR has partnered with brands such as Verizon, Prudential, Coca Cola, and more providing custom events around a passion point of the multicultural consumer: Fashion.

Today, HFR is committed to curating one designer, one story, and one collection at a time via it's weekly Talk Designer Tuesday podcast. Our commitment is to partner with multicultural designers to build profitable and sustainable businesses that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Brandice’s story of perseverance and passion confirms that the heart always wins.

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Flat Out with Willie Moore, Jr.

March 21, 2018

St. Louis stand up! The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes nationally radio talk show host, Willie Moore Jr. A Cool Bruh of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. this St. Louis native is igniting the airwaves and changing lives every single day.

Willie Moore Jr. Is Today's Voice of Inspiration! He ignites the hearts and minds of listeners and viewers worldwide.

As the Nationally Syndicated host of “The Willie Moore Jr. Show” on radio, “Flatout TV” on cable networks, and the Young, Fly, and Saved movement via social media outlets like YouTube, Willie uses his special brand of humor and practical solutions coupled with biblical wisdom to unite families and communities everywhere.

Willie is a master communicator that is connecting the world through his multiple talents and media outlets. An advocate for adoption, his passion lies deeply for the thousands of children who need loving homes, similar to the home that housed his parents. These same parents adopted him when Willie was just three months old. Now he is on a mission so that every child can experience the joy he experienced in his upbringing.

Willie is a special individual and is making an indelible mark in our world, “flat out!”

Social Media:

IG: @williemoorejrlive
FB: The Willie Moore Jr. Show

Slam For The Win with Dr. Lonnie J. White III

March 20, 2018

We are happy to be joined by Dr. Lonnie J. White III. A Cool Bruh of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, this ultimate educator is making some tremendous waves in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Lonnie J. White was recently named the new principal of SLAM Atlanta!

With 25 years of experience, he has held most roles in the educational system ranging from a teacher’s assistant to principal. Dr. White’s love of education and teaching bloomed while at Albany State University, where he was working toward his B.S. in Middle Grades Education. Throughout the past two decades, he has achieved only excellence in every school he has been employed, receiving awards such as the Coca-Cola Educator of the year and National Life Group – Life Changer of the Year. He has also received over 30 certifications covering all areas of education and has been given many honors including several teacher and principal of the year awards. Dr. White has a long history of generating success for the schools in which he has served in both academics and athletics.

When Dr. White is not working you can find him with his wife and two daughters or participating in several professional community organizations. In his spare time he is a proud member of various brotherhoods and associations, an active participant of the March of Dimes charity and a coach for his Running Panthers Track Club.

Dr. White is known for being a change-maker and we are certain he will do just that at the helm of this innovative new school. That is why we know with his latest venture of affording innovative education to the children of Atlanta, it goes without saying: “Slam For The Win!”


Go Get H.E.R.S. with Ivy Box

March 14, 2018

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. IVY BOX is a Certified Go Get H.E.R.S .® who merges business, marketing, multimedia, entertainment, and philanthropy with purpose. A native of Ft. Myers, Florida, Ivy Box is a first-generation, Haitian-American, who first received national attention as the ‘Quiet Storm’ castmate on BET's hit reality TV series College Hill: Interns. During her time with BET she was chosen to manage her own popular blog on where she honed in on her captivating writing skills.

Ivy has years of experience working in the corporate, entertainment, and philanthropic industries and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing, and a Master’s Certificate in Negotiation Essentials. After graduation from the University of South Florida in 2005, Ivy’s tenacious spirit afforded her an opportunity as the Marketing Manager which quickly led to CMO for Beyond The box Unlimited.

She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Voice T.H.E. Movement, Inc. ( VTM ), a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that she founded. VTM hosts annual empowerment workshop that impacts over 500 disadvantaged middle and high school boys & girls and has garnished the support of over 200 adult volunteers and community organizations.

Ivy Box is the proud author of the highly anticipated book, The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S.® Guide and believes that the sky is not the limit but only the beginning! The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S. Guide presents a comprehensive roadmap that delivers the tools necessary to establish and maintain a stable foundation, clear vision, self-empowerment, and maximum results through the culmination of happiness, education, respect and success.

Social Media:
@MsIvyBox on Instagram, MsIvyBox on Twitter, MsIvyBox on Facebook,, Pinterest. @IvyBox on Youtube & Google +